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Thankful Generations: Heroes Found 

Doss Heritage & Culture Center

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The Thankful Generations: Heroes Found exhibition closed May 30, 2024 after an eight month run! Though I'm sad it's over I truly appreciate the opportunity to share my work and encourage people to find and thank the heroes in their own lives. A big thank you to the Doss Heritage & Culture Center for making this exhibit possible. Watch snippets from the opening night event in the video below.


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Summer 2024 Updates

Memorial Day 2024

Recently my project was featured by the Irvington Theater in their special Memorial Day video series. Check out the video by following this LINK.

Anna Mae and Joseph.jpg

30th Maritime Art Exhibit


These two tapestries are heading to Oregon for a juried competition at the Coos Art Museum in Coos Bay, Oregon, from July 6 - September 22, 2024!

2022 2023 winning entries.jpg

Closing out 2023, it is fun to reflect on the excitement of entering my artwork for the first time into various competitions with a number of successes!

  • Two tapestries, "Anna Mae Shellenbarger" and "Joseph Kubes" were selected for inclusion in the international American Tapestry Alliance juried exhibit in the summer of 2023

  • My tapestry of "Jack Lescure" was published in Artistonish Magazine February 2023 edition 

  • The "Harvel" wedding day tapestry took 1st place in the Valentine 2023 exhibition

  • "Doris Neuren, WWII Wave" tapestry received the People's Choice Award for the Woman 2023 exhibition in celebration of International Women's Day

My efforts to get into the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery with my latest version of the "Marine in Saipan" tapestry* didn't pan out.  I learned that over 3,500 artists submitted artwork for consideration! No worries, though; I'm proud of how this tapestry came out using my expanded color palette to recreate this important tapestry of a battle weary Marine in Saipan. My dear friend, Jeff Payne, sums up my intentions with the following quote:

"This anonymous hero begins your story as one of so, so many soldiers and others involved in past wars whom we have no obvious personal connection with. For someone new to your works it compels the viewer to want to know more. If they are fortunate enough to see more of your images along with the narratives, they begin to realize that they all have real stories, even the hundreds of thousands that we never learn about. Bead by bead you have asked us to participate in that honor, and to never forget.

*based on National Archives photograph from 1944 of Marines in Saipan (127-GR-113-83414)

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