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Current Projects Underway!

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My looms are quiet right now, having just completed two new tapestries:

Major Horace Carswell, Medal of Honor recipient and Texas Christian University graduate - Complete! 
Sergeant Jean Louise Haines Stone, Marine Corps Women's Reserve - Complete!
My next honoree is Beatrice Singer Selig! Updated June 9, 2023

VALENTINE 2023 Exhibition 

The Harvel Wedding DayTapestry took FIRST PLACE in the Valentine 2023 Exhibition hosted by Gallerium.

WOMAN 2023 Exhibition 

The Doris Neuren tapestry received the "Public Choice Award" by placing fourth out of 111 artists in this international competition to celebrate International Women's Day 2023.  

International Juried Museum Exhibition!

These two are in SMITHVILLE TN for the summer.  Tapestries of Anna Mae Shellenbarger and Joseph Kubes were selected to participate in an international juried weaving competition sponsored by the American Tapestry Alliance (ATA). 

Artistonish Magazine 

The Jack Lescure tapestry was accepted for publication in the 31st edition of Artistonish magazine February 2023.  This international magazine features contemporary art from around the world

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