Other Creations by the Artist


Fiber Arts

Beaded Necklaces and Bracelets

Other Whimsy

Earrings for my niece, Taylor V
Beaded Faces
Vase Drape
Batman pendants
Super Woman front
Super Woman back
Carnelian Ring in Silver setting
Beaded Collar
Candle Sock
Brick Stitch Bowdoin Sun
LA Strikers
Niihau shells from Kauai


We'll raise a song, both loud and long 

To cheer our team to victory 

For TCU, so tried and true, 

We pledge eternal loyalty. 

Rah, Rah, TCU! Rah, Rah, TCU! 


Fight on boys, fight, with all your might 

Roll up the scores for TCU 

Hail white and purple flag whose heroes never lag, 

Horned Frog, we are all for you! 

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