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Thankful Generations:
Heroes Found

As an artist, my ambition is to bring this exhibition to as many communities as possible to show honor and respect for our  GREATEST GENERATION.  Contact me at for more information.


Exhibition Features:

The exhibition includes ten beaded tapestries in custom gray silk frames with accompanying museum labels, plus additional tapestries in shadow boxes, explanatory banners, travel cases that become part of the exhibit, a small demonstration loom, customizable eBook featuring all  tapestries with brief biographies of the featured portraits. Each tapestry has QR codes with additional information. Special arrangements can be made for in-person or virtual Artist lectures.

TG Doss.jpg


Service and sacrifice are themes familiar to this Greatest Generation, and their stories have much to teach generations who have followed. These are images of everyday people who participated in and dedicated themselves to the conflict whether at home or overseas. The purpose of this collection of WWII portraits is to spread the artist’s heartfelt gratitude from subsequent "thankful generations" who have benefited from these sacrifices. It is also to inspire viewers to seek out the heroes in their own world, find their stories and pass them along so that these experiences are not lost to the unwritten pages of history.  

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