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Maureen J. Kenney


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Maureen Kenney, Art Nomad
Meet the artist: Maureen Kenney, aka “Art Nomad” 

Growing up in an Air Force family as the youngest of five children, I learned my nomadic tendencies early in life.  By the time I graduated from high school in Fort Worth in 1981, my family had lived in Maine, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, New York, Florida, and Texas.  After college and graduate school in Texas, I added California to my list, came back full circle to my home state of Maine in 1993, and circled back to Texas in 2015. Through all of this, my appreciation has grown for the beauty of our country, the uniqueness of each region in which I've lived, and how changing things up has added exciting dimensions to my life. 

Professionally, I have worked as a Child Protective Services investigator; a medical, hospice and occupational social worker; manager of training and organizational development, employment, and benefits departments; director of two hospital units, director over a large self-insured/self-administered insurance program spanning sixteen states, and a professional business consultant. Currently, I am proud to serve my Alma Mater, Texas Christian University within their Professional Development Center.

I know I’m happiest when I create, whether it’s redesigning an organizational structure, creating a new piece of jewelry, rearranging a room, or making sense from total chaos.  Creativity kicks off an energy cycle that generates new ideas and stimulates creativity.  

For a little fun and to hear more about the Maureen's "Art Nomad" journey, watch this short video on how she came about creating this project.

2010 - present

Thankful Generations Project tapestries displayed at the Doss Heritage and Culture Center in Weatherford, Texas for their "Courage" Exhibit June 15 - November 2017.

2010 - present
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