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Click on a photograph to read more details about each of these heroes of WWII

MJK BIW_edited.jpg

My way of saying thanks is different than most. I find expression through my work as a Bead artist.

I personally want to show respect and appreciation for former and current military personnel and their families, and to thank them for securing and maintaining the freedoms and privileges we enjoy.

My demonstration of gratitude is being accomplished through the creation of an inspiring exhibit of Beaded Tapestries, and is a unique way to elevate this unusual art form to a higher level of expression.

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Maureen Kenney, Artist

A few years back, as I approached my fiftieth birthday, I was determined to push beyond my established artistic boundaries to create a project worthy of sharing and hopefully inspiring others.


The Thankful Generations Project allows me to express my gratitude to those in service of our military forces, those who put their lives on the line to secure the freedoms we enjoy every day. 

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