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Andrew Manghis

Andrew Manghis signed up for the Navy on December 6, 1941 and served through 1946. His son, renowned scrimshander, Charles Manghis, had this to say: "That pictue has always been one of my favorites of my Dad. I have always wanted to scrimshaw a tooth of Da, and may do this over the winter here on Nantucket."

His son continued: "The recruiter gave him the choice to be a gunner's mate. He predicted the impending storm to come, and asked the recruiter what he would do as a gunners mate after the war was over?" As a result, "Andrew served as Electrician's Mate 1st class from 1941-1946. He got his electrician's license on the GI Bill and raised his family as an electrician. Did lend lease, fought in N. Africa and the Pacific theatre, Saipan, Tinian and many other naval battles and helped save this Nation from the Axis powers. I owe him much ... "

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