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Beatrice Singer Selig

“A native of Brooklyn, NY, Beatrice graduated from the Kings County Hospital School of Nursing in January of 1945. That May she was granted a temporary appointment in the Army Service Forces as a commissioned Second Lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps.

Enlisting at age 23, she spent her time in the service with her best friend, Hella, and they remained best friends together throughout their entire lives.

Her occupational specialty was "Nurse General Duty". While stationed at England General Hospital in Atlantic City, she was involved in the care of amputees from all service branches, assisting with the fitting of prostheses and helping the soldiers get readjusted to civilian life.”

- Regina Selig Mason, Bea’s daughter

To read more about this amazing woman, who turned 100 years old in July 2023, follow this link:

Update: RIP, BEA. I am a better person to have known you and your daughter ... March 2024

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