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Jack Lescure

In a beading group on FaceBook, I have made many wonderful friends. One of them, Jeannine Rainone, reached out to me, asking me if I would consider doing a WWII beaded tapestry of her father, Jack Lescure, to include in my series. I asked her to send me his photograph to see what I could do. Not every photograph translates easily into a beading pattern. Fortunately, his did. I opted to use my lighter color palette, with semi-transparent beads in the background, to make the actual person "stand out"... I hope you like the result. This particular tapestry was accepted for publication in the February 2023 monthly international art magazine, Artistonish. To view the magazine, follow this LINK; the tapestry is on print page 88, virtual page 97.

Here's Jack's story.

Jack Lescure served in the US Naval Reserve, first in Washington DC and then as an aviation cadet in Athens, GA and Pensacola FL in 1942-43. After flight school he was assigned to Marine bombing squadron 614 (VMB-614) as 2nd Lieutenant. VMB-614 trained at various bases throughout out South until being shipped overseas in August 45 and arrived in Midway Islands. They flew sub patrol and local flights delivering mail and supplies. The plane they flew was the Mitchell PBJ. Later in the year they flew out of Okinawa, Iwo Jima and Guam, again mostly local flights. They came back to US in early 1946 stationed in CA at a base in San Francisco. He was detached from the service in May 1946 with a rank of 1st Lieutenant. He was later promoted to Captain in 3/51 while he was in USMC reserves.

To read more about Jack's story and this tapestry, follow this LINK.

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