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The Harvel's

This may be the sweetest WWII photo I have ever seen, a wedding portrait of William Richard Harvel (1921-1998) born in Tulsa, OK and his beautiful bride, Audrey Winona Mitchell, born in Missouri in the early 1930’s. Their son, Gary Harvel, also known as my dear brother-in-law, generously provided the photograph. What an adorable couple. William served in the Navy as part of the Construction Battalion, a.k.a. the Seabees during the war.

I created three different versions of this tapestry until I felt satisfied with the results. The final tapestry used over three times as many beads as my "standard" size (~68,000 versus ~20,000) and is the centerpiece of my traveling exhibition.

To learn more about their story, and details about this wonderful tapestry, follow this LINK.

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